SCHEMA Collective

Inala Skate Park










After being postponed due to sketchy weather, the universe made it up to us by providing a cool clear day for us to enjoy the beauty of D.J Sherington park and soundtrack all the action happening in the skate park.

Mezmik opened up the event with chunky riffs over orchestrated arrangements. Awesome interplay between their two guitarists and slamming drums created a dense atmosphere for their vocalist to soar over the top of.

The new date didn't work for Gay Recess but fortunately our friends in Krave were available to jump onboard to take their spot and live out their THPS dreams. Known for putting on energetic performance they ripped into their set determined to fill the special meter and help the skaters reach new high scores.

We were honoured to host the first performance of JAFFA, the BIG MAN. Featuring an assembly of talented musicians from the Brisbane music community, this avant-garde rock ensemble put on an erratically entertaining performance that we can't wait to catch again.

We wanted to finish the day hard and Fun With Explosives were more than equiped to handle that request. Throwing down with a classic hardcore sound that would have been right at home on any skate vid from the 80s, they powered through their riffs with abandon. It was an awesome way to end the day.

The Extreme Skates skate team performed demos between the sets, showing off a barrage of tricks and offering to help the local crew to master some of their own. Our Art Tent was going off all day with Oggy manning our freshly minted badge machine and spitting them out as fast as the visitors to our art tent could create their designs.

A huge thanks as always to Brisbane City Council, Kids Helpline Official, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, 4ZZZ, Sea Shepherd Brisbane, and Clean Up Australia for their support of these events.

Words and Photography by Rashid AlKamraikhi