SCHEMA Collective

SCHEMA x Whoroboros

Phantasm Street




Kale Hennessy

Mike Lawry

Harry Ryan



It was a beautiful day at Paddington Skate Park. A cool 20 something degrees, clear sky’s, and a bunch of skaters already tearing up the concrete. The only thing it was missing was some good music blasting, and we were about to fix that!

Phantasm Street were the first to disturb the peace with their psych pop infused shoegaze sound waves. Their grooves permeated the atmosphere, lessening the effects of gravity, and helped the pop in everyone’s ollie’s increase by a good 20%

FOUL FACE took the opposite approach and slammed the park with their dense metal riffs. Low tuned and heavy they helped bring everyone back down to earth and stomp their landings. Steaze rose by about 35%

Queerbait hit the stage hard with punk rock attitude. All stacks and tumbles received approximately 50% less damage as they ripped through their set of certified bangers.

Whoroboros pushed us even further down the riot path. This show was for the release of their new single, A Body For Everybody, and they bodied us all with their abrasive sound. The energy they unleashed on stage was absorbed by the skaters and increased speed by at least 70%, leading to higher verts and longer grinds.

In between and all throughout the day the SCHEMA skate crew, lead by Kale of Stay Bolts, threw down trick after trick powered up by the music from the bands.

A huge thank you to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation for their continued support of our shows and to everyone that came.

Words and photos by Rashid AlKamraikhi