SCHEMA Collective

Unda Dwella's Birthday Bash 23

Enggy & Tayls

Unda Dwella

Chong Ali

Master Wolf

Ethan Enoch



DJ Returnagain


DJ Returnagain set the tone playing hiphop cuts produced by artists from both near and far before the nights host, the legendary DCP, got on the mic to announce the first MC; UD himself.

Apart from a couple of sneaky performances here and there Unda Dwella had been pretty elusive on stage for the past 10 years, but not from the community that he loves. So that's why when he announced that he was holding one of his legendary Birthday Bash's that they came out for him. UD eased right in to his flow filled boom bap jams packed full of humour and innuendo that had the eager crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. Now having put in the work and his job done he could kick back and enjoy the night along with family and friends to experience the abundance of sick lyricism that would continue unfolding before us all.

Next on the mic was one of Meanjins most positive performers, Jesta_MC. Even when dropping tracks about the fucked up state of the world Jesta doesn't stop smiling and underlining grim topics with optimism. Complex phrasings are juxtaposed with hook filled sing alongs and by the end of the set we are all there with him standing on top of the world, dancing.

I was very keen to check out the next MC as I had heard nothing but good things about the young gun, Ethan Enoch. Backed by his DJ Calski they kicked it straight into high gear with fast pace deliveries that burnt around the venue like a Formula 1 on the track and taking smooth corners in to poetry. He invited a guest, Sachém to join him on stage for a bit of back and forth and even Calski dropped a sick verse for good measure. So good!

No strangers to SCHEMA's shows were the lovable rogues Enggy & Tayls. I was completely blown away the first time I saw these two perform together and their on stage interplay has never failed to leave my jaw on the floor since. Their immaculately crafted beats guided them through every twist and turn of an ever evolving collage of genres. Is Hip Prog a thing? If it is then they're doing it, and it sounds like the future.

If Ethan Enoch and Enggy & Tayls are the future then Master Wolf is the seasoned vet here to remind us all that SEQ Hip Hop has always been dope, and it always will be. Joined on stage by collaborators Lozzative, and DJ New Years Steve they proceeded to absolutely destroy the place. Impeccable flow backed by soulful singing and some of the tightest record cutting I have ever seen live had the whole place jumping. Master Wolf? More like Master Class!

After this litany of impressive performers who had the chops to top it all and bring the night to a climax? Well that task fell on the more than capable shoulders of heavy weight spitter Chong Ali. Another decorated vet of the scene, Ali showed his dominance on the mic with his effortless delivery. Those familiar with his repertoire might think they knew what to expect but what no one could have expected was when he invited DCP and Master Wolf to join him back on stage for a joint track that they had never performed live, and together we all witnessed history.

A huge thanks to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and Meanjin Marauders for collaborating with us to put this night together. We can’t wait to do it again!

Words and photography by Rashid AlKamraikhi